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Investment retirement accounts


Automatically invest for retirement and get potential tax benefits

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Start saving and investing for retirement 

In just a few few minute, get an IRA plan recomemeded for you and your long term goals. plus, recieved potential tax advantage as you invest for your future. 

Why create a Multicent Retirement


Easy retirement investing

Easily manage your investments and Multicent SpotMatch account in one simple and useful app

Potential tax benefit

Take advantage of potential tax benefit by contributing to your Multicent SpotMatch account and paying off tax execept debts

Hyper-personal portfolios

Answer a few questions and our tech recommed an IRA plan's based on your current situation and long-terms goals.

Automatic Recurring Contributions

Sep-up recurring investment, and round ups. Let Multicent SpotMatch suggest saving based on your own spending habits.

Option Trading

Add the power of options trading,With no commission or per-contract fees, your savings have the potential to grow even faster. Other fees may apply.



Sign-up in minutes

Sep of IRA portfolio personalized for long-term goals

Set easy, automatic recurring contributions to maximaze tax benefits

Investing for retirement, made easy

By answering a few simple question, well recommed a Roth, Traditional or SEP retirement account aligning with your longs-term goals.

What's a Roth IRA?

Learn more

What's a Traditional IRA?

Learn more

What's a SEP IRA?

Learn more

Save and invest in the background of life

Multicent puts investing on autopilot

Sign up in minutes , we'll rocommed an investment  portfolio for your money goals, and you can set automated investments startig with spare change.

Harness the power of compounding

Money doesn't grow on a trees

But with compound return money can grow on itself. its a long-term investing principle foundational to how Multicent retirement grow for you.


Hatch a Retirement

Multicent is chnaging the way peopele invest everyday 

Join the waitlist and we'll let you know when you're eligible to sign up for your Robinhood Retirement account.

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